Gospelr: Twitter For Christians

Part chat, part instant messaging, part micro-blogging, new service Gospelr aims to be the “Twitter” for Christians. Gospelr is quick to point out that it’s not “just another Twitter.” Instead, the site prides itself on being the world’s first “Ministry Microblogging” tool for those that want to share thoughts, ideas, words of encouragement, prayer requests, daily scripture readings, and oh so much more.

One way, although minor, that Gospelr tries to differentiate itself from twitter is the color scheming of posts. A normal “post” is colored in brown, while replies are green, and imported post from services like Twitter are colored in blue. That coloring scheme will make it easier to identify what’s being said and who is saying it.

The service can also let users upload and share files like Pownce, and most importantly, it auto-refreshes the page so you don’t have to (a feature Twitter does not have yet).

Gospelr gained Twitter API source parameter approval, so whenever you tweet something in the service, you’ll notice an update on Twitter saying “from Gospelr.com” and it will also work with TweetDeck and other applications that let you syndicate material to Twitter.

We have set up a profile on Gospelr so should you decide to give it a spin, be sure to follow us.

Original story at TechCrunch.

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Author: David Wallace

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  1. I love this! And I love God!

    This will make sure we are totally hidden away from the rest of the Internet!

    We would only have to talk to people who already believe in our savior!

    I have it when mean atheists say that I have bad exucses :_((

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