Kenneth Copeland Ministries Refuses To Cooperate In Senate Probe Targeting ‘Prosperity’ Christians

Kenneth Copeland Ministries, one of six mega-churches at the center of a U.S. Senate Finance Committee investigation, has informed the committee that it will not cooperate with the probe, citing its concerns about the government targeting certain Christian churches, as well as concerns about privacy and potential First Amendment violations.

“The church is deeply concerned that the information Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) is seeking could be used to subject the church and its members to public stigma, scorn, and obloquy,” Lawrence Swicegood, communications director for Kenneth Copeland Ministries (KCM), said in a letter responding to the committee’s request for a range of financial data and other information, including the names and addresses of board members and the names and addresses of people responsible for the church’s audio and video production.

So, is this a case of government prying too deeply into private religion or large profitable ministries not being fully accountable for the funds they receive? Or one could also ask when does a “non-profit” ministry that is not subject to income tax become a “for-profit business” that is subject to income tax?

Author: David Wallace

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  1. Baptista – you bring up a great point. WHO COULD be next? The Senator should NEVER be given this kind of authority. The IRS was created to serve this purpose and its processes should be followed. Good read…

  2. “That is not playing fair. That is not Americanism. It is not the American way to slur the loyalty and besmirch the character of the innocent and the guilty alike. We have always considered it just as important to protect the innocent as it is to punish the guilty.” Harry Truman, August 15, 1951. Some things never change.

  3. This whole thing makes me turrible nervous. Who will be next? I would think even the ACLU would be upset with the constitutional issues here.

  4. Lol… shaffer

    I do suppose you guys make a good point. While I don’t agree with all these guys doctrine, I would hate to see someone picking on me for my beliefs.

  5. Regardless of your theology one must agree that there is a scriptural rationale for this Copeland doctrine, indeed, the reason he is among the most popular television ministries is that millions of Americans agree with it and one can find it thoughout the history of the church, it is not really his doctrine, it was not contrived to make money, it is sincerely believed by people.

    What is troubling is that a Senator of a different faith would so blatantly use his power to try to destroy those of another. This is rather disturbing to me and I understand their desire to resist what he is doing.

  6. I think those are great questions.

    Personally, I think that an organization should be considered “for-profit” the moment they oppose my theology. I tend to think like senator Grassley and the religious watchdog groups that have inspired this investigation. If we can’t get others to think the way we do, lets get the government to go after them.

    Of course Kenneth Copeland did a sly one on us… He’s asked for an IRS audit. That means once they prove that he has done everything legal, we won’t be able have as much ammunition to go after him…

    There is always the Catholics we could go after next, the Pope is riding all over America in his Mercedes Pope Mobile. There is no way you can convince me that they aren’t “for-profit” they have more money than all of these six ministries combined… then we can get the Mormans… the Jews… Muslims…

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