Send Your Tweets To the Almighty?

TwitterWant to reach God on Twitter? Not that you really need a Twitter account to talk to the Almighty as He already hears the prayers of the righteous. That be it may, an Israeli university student has taken upon himself to open a Twitter account that will allow fellow tweeters to tweet prayers that he will then place in the crevices of Jerusalem’s Western Wall, a Jewish holy site that faithful believe provides a direct line to the Almighty.

“I take their prayers, print them out and drive to Jerusalem to put them in the Western Wall,” said Alon Nir, a resident of Tel Aviv. He said he hopes his initiative on the popular micro-blogging service would be “beneficial to people all over the world.”

Nir promises to deliver the prayers — each no longer than a tweet’s maximum 140 characters — on a regular basis. Prayers, which are sent via a direct message link on Nir’s Twitter site, cannot be viewed by the public.

At the Western Wall, where he has already placed some 1,000 rolled-up papers, Nir told Reuters: “People trusted me with their innermost feelings and secret thoughts … and it’s my duty to provide them with what I promised.”

Several services already deliver prayers sent by email, text message or fax to the wall. Israeli postal authorities say prayers also arrive from overseas by regular mail, some in envelopes addressed “Dear God.”

To utilize Nir’s gracious offer, simply make sure you have a Twitter account and follow which I then assume you will be followed back so that you can then use the direct messaging service Twitter offers. And of course if you don’t mind that your prayers are “public,” I’m sure if you include an @thekotel reply in your tweet, he will get those as well.

Author: David Wallace

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  1. Hmm, do one have to take ones prayers to some spot before God answers him/her? Jesus did say, we worship God not in any particular place but in Spirit and in truth!

    But good work for Nir for remembering those who want to do this.

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