What If We Had Google Earth in Biblical Times?

Scenes from the Bible have been imagined by countless artists over the centuries, but never quite like this. With some photo editing, God’s Eye View by The Glue Society portrays four key Biblical events as if captured by Google Earth.

The Crucifixion
The Crucifixion

Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden
Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden (circled what I think is supposed to be them)

Noah's Ark
Noah’s Ark Resting on Mount Ararat

Moses Parting the Red Sea
Moses Parting the Red Sea

“We like to disorientate audiences a little with all our work. And with this piece we felt technology now allows events which may or may not have happened to be visualized and made to appear dramatically real,” say The Glue Society’s James Dive. “As a method of representation satellite photography is so trusted, it has been interesting to mess with that trust.”

The Glue Society is aiming to produce further works using the same satellite imagery next year but this time relating to mythological occurrences and major historical events.

Hat tip to Creative Review Blog.

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  1. Rather unique and interesting analogy 🙂

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