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What If I Don’t Feel That I Am Saved

Here again, it is not a question of feeling but of fact. Of course, if you know upon the sure testimony of God’s word that you are saved, you will feel glad and grateful; but you are not saved on account of your feeling, nor by feeling, nor as the result of feeling.

What If Don’t Think I’m a Sinner?

Well, you are a sinner, whether you feel it or not, and you are all called to deal, not with a question of feeling, but of fact. Many a man has been fatally ill, without feeling his danger, but his lack of feeling did not arrest for one moment the progress of disease and death.

Cancel Culture Not Welcome Here!

Cancel Culture Not Welcome Here!

Far left liberals, Woke, word and censor police seem to be on an all-out warpath against free speech, at least the kind of speech that does not align up with their own ideals. Weekly we are hearing about people, companies, products, and even media (i.e., movies, television, literature, etc.) being “canceled.” I recall another group of people in recent history whom the local governments and establishments tried to cancel. I’m referring to none other than The Apostles.