Asset Tracking For Churches

Churches, just like businesses, need certain items to operate. These may include buildings, office equipment, electronic devices, furniture and let’s not forget about musical equipment. Depending on the size of the church, these items can accumulate very quickly and become problematic to keep track of. That is where asset tracking comes into play. In the following infographic, the team at Asset Panda takes a look at asset tracking for churches.

How To Talk About God With Your Kids

Most Christian moms and dads have thoughts about Jesus throughout the day. Therefore, talking to your children about God can be a simple as opening up about what’s already on your mind. Below are 10 simple topics to help get conversations started. Use starters that feel natural to you, or think of other.

Online Giving: Is It Right For Your Church?

Churches have been steadily evolving in adopting options that allow members to pay tithes, offerings and other monetary donations online. No longer do churchgoers have to worry about bringing their checkbook or cash. Now, they can simply use their credit or debit card to give directly to their regular place of worship.

Religion in America

In our land of religious freedom, which religion do most Americans choose? Which denominations are most popular? Which regions gravitate to one religion? The following infographic provides the details of religion in America.

Let My People, Passover!

Most of us know the story of The Passover from the epic film, The Ten Commandments. This Jewish holiday is a remembrance of the Exodus from slavery in Ancient Egypt. Jewish families eat a special meal called a Seder that is full of symbolic foods.