19 Different Types of Christians

People wear their “religion” in different ways. Some may be deeply devout daily while others only pray in times of great desperation. Some seek to eliminate humanity’s wrongs while others seek to prove humanity itself wrong. Look at these 19 types of Christians and see if you fit or break the mold.

Do You Seriously Think God Can’t Use You? Think Again!

I came across the following image on Facebook. I’m not sure who originally created it but I just love it. The image entitled “Do You Seriously Think God Can’t Use You?” is a simple reminder that God can use anybody… including you and me. Never let the enemy tell you otherwise!

The Mobile Bible

I have one on my Android phone as do many Christians I know. How about you? This infographic provides some amazing statistics on how many people are using the YouVersion mobile Bible.

“Obamacare” Will End Up Using Taxpayer Dollars To Fund Abortions

The first set of taxpayer-funded abortions under the new healthcare law President Barack Obama signed has been approved by the Obama administration. Even though Obama and his allies told the public that taxpayers would not be paying for abortions under the law, unsurprisingly they will be.

Hawaii Governor Rejects Same-Sex Civil Unions Bill

In a victory for the fight to maintain the definition of traditional marriage between one man and one woman, Hawaii’s Governor, Linda Lingle, vetoed a bill Tuesday that would have legalized same-sex civil unions.