We’ve all seen them on TV or during the previews at the movies. Visually, there is a major disconnect between the visual aids and the message or the marketing department must have just experienced major cutbacks, because what was once supposed to be funny is now downright offensive. This is TV.

So how bad does a commercial have to be to be a “bad commercial” on the radio?

Yesterday I found myself listening to my favorite talk radio station (give it up for my talk radio peeps) and I heard the most heart-felt blunder my ears have received in quite some time.

The commercial goes something like this:

Soothing music begins playing in the background as the voice of an experienced woman narrator begins highlighting the problem of Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other memory loss issues. After 30 seconds of this concerned plea to get help for those who have memory problems at a particular institute, the commercial closes with this line:

When you experience memory loss, remember us.”

Are they serious?

This gave me such a good laugh, I am still chuckling over it!

Seriously, if you can’t remember your spouse’s name or what country you live in, how are you supposed to remember some institution?

I hope you have as much fun laughing with this one as I did. Coming to think of it, I can’t even remember the name of the institution. Hmm…


Ryan Cook

Ryan is owner of Novus AV and is an experienced technical leader specializing in integrated systems, commercial AV, and customer service.

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