Church Ordered To Remove Controversial Anti-Liquor Advertisement

Waynesville town officials told a local church on Monday to take down an anti-liquor display featuring a car demolished in a deadly wreck because it broke local sign rules. The N.C. Highway Patrol even got involved, sending a trooper by twice to tell church leaders that the display in front of their building would be towed if it wasn’t moved from the public right of way.

He Is Risen! Happy Resurrection Day (Easter)

He is risen! It was one thing that Jesus was crucified for all the word’s sins. It is another that He rose from the dead. By Jesus’ act of offering up His life on Calvary’s cross, our sins can be forgiven. The fact that He rose again after the crucifixion shows us that we too can have new life.

California Home-Schooling Ruling Is An ‘Assault on the Family’

A ruling by a California appeals court that parents “do not have a constitutional right to home-school their children” drew harsh criticism from religious conservatives on Friday, one of whom said the decision makes tens of thousands of parents into criminals – “the equivalent to drug dealers or pick-pockets.”

Fighting To Make A Difference

The Word of God is full of promises and blessings. Its pages contain the plan of salvation and allow us to see God’s grace, His mercy, and His everlasting loving-kindness. It is a book of commandments and instruction. It tells us of what is to come that we may prepare and of what has already been done so we may learn from past mistakes. With all that said, we cannot overlook the indisputable fact that the Word of God is also a book of war. It is a book that is full of blood.

How Does the Church Handle Crisis Communication?

f you have been in a church for any length of time, you have no doubt seen or experienced first hand a crisis. Things like the pastor retiring, interpersonal conflict among members, moral failure of church leaders and even changing the color of the carpet can lead to a crisis. While such crisis situations will come, the real test is how will the church handle them. Is there a plan in place or do most churches just try to cope with them as they occur?

Give It Up!

Prayer. It’s huge. In fact, it should be typed up as PRAYER!!! The NIV Bible has 155 references just to the particular variation of the word. Jesus gives both a model and an example of prayer. 1 Thessalonians 5:17 puts in simply: “Pray without ceasing…”; an entire verse is dedicated to the idea. With so many examples, instructions and exhortations on the matter, why is it that prayer is so often a neglected part of the average Christian’s life?

Christians Now Have No Excuse To Miss Church

We have all done it – made excuses as to why we might not attend any particular church service – whether we have actually acted on them or not. My pastor recently presented a humorous look at what a church might do in order to provide no excuse to miss church. They’d hold a special service called “No Excuse Sunday” which might look something like this.

Are Christians Sending The Wrong Message To Non-Christians?

I came across an interesting article today where author John Shore had compiled a list of statements wherein non-Christians, in their own words and in a casual, straight-ahead, first-person style, say what they think of Christians in general and specifically how they feel about the dynamic wherein Christians try to convert them. These statements reveal that those of us who call ourselves Christians may be sending the wrong message to unbelievers.

Pastor Starts Program To Place Chaplains in Bars

We have to go where the people in need are at so why not a bar? Crosswalk reports on an original story by the Patriot-News that Chuck Kish, a senior pastor at the Bethel Assembly of God in Carlisle, is launching a program at the Market Cross Pub next month to put chaplains in bars. They will not be there to preach on the sins of excessive drinking nor to evangelize but rather to offer help to people who want it.


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