Do Christians Really Grasp That They Are Destined For The Throne?

One of the most impactful books I have ever read is Paul E. Billheimer’s “Destined For The Throne.” This most excellent work reminds us of who we really are – the Bride of Christ Himself, and that we have no higher calling than the call to pray.

Christians Are Re-Inventing Themselves & Not In a Good Way

I came across an interesting article at The Christian Post that expounds on a recent study conducted by The Barna Group. The study reveals that while fewer Americans identify themselves with Christianity, those who remain Christian are redefining what “Christian” means. Specifically, younger generations are not bound by traditional parameters of the Christian faith but instead are embracing values that are not necessarily based on biblical foundations.

News Corp. Gets Religion

Mashable reports that Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. has purchased Beliefnet, a spirituality-based website founded by Steve Waldman in 1999. No details have been released pertaining to this unconfirmed acquisition, but an announcement is expected from News Corp. sometime...

Job Opening – Parent

Job Opening – Parent – This is hysterical. If parenting had been presented this way, I don’t believe any of us would have done it!!!!

“The Golden Compass” Movie Has Christians & Atheists Upset – But Why?

New Line Cinema’s “The Golden Compass” hasn’t even hit theaters yet and it already has some Christians and atheists upset up in arms, reports USA Today. Apparently the movie, based on the first book of British author Philip Pullman’s trilogy, “His Dark Materials,” has many atheist themes throughout.

The Commercialism of Christmas

I came across a revised “Twas The Month Before Christmas” poem that revels how commercialized Christmas has become in our day and age. Although I consider myself a bit of a humbug when it comes to our modern Christmas holidays, I do enjoy a few things about the Christmas season such as getting together with family and friends, the fact that some people step into a church for the first time and hear the gospel and slowing down the daily grind for at least a couple of days (if not a week).

California Public Schools Going To Hell in a Handbasket

It’s Arnie’s fault! That’s right, California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed two bills into law that effectively ban the use of words like “Mom and Dad” as well as “husband and wife.” The bills signed by Schwarzenegger include SB777, which bans anything in public schools that could be interpreted as negative toward homosexuality, bisexuality and other alternative lifestyle choices.

Can Homosexuals Be Christians?

This is a loaded question. The same could be asked of drug addicts, thieves, liars, murderers, even child molesters. So can someone who is homosexual be a Christina as well? I would say, “Yes,” however, allow me to clarify that answer. A person who is a homosexual can become a Christian, however once a Christian, the person can no longer stay a homosexual.

What I Mean When I Say “I’m a Christian”

I came across this wonderful poem sent to me by a friend and written by Maya Angelou. I think it provides a nice reminder that when we claim to be a “Christian,” it does not mean we are claiming to be superior to others or to have attained some kind of perfection, but rather that we are forgiven and now instead of trying to lead ourselves, we allow Christ to lead us.


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