Emotions vs. Reason

For Easter this year, my family and I were out of town. We ended up attending Easter services at Central Christian Church in Henderson, NV. After the opening worship band left the stage, there was a young man who came out and presented a monologue/poem/rap that highlighted a good deal of what Christianity is about. I was impressed at the broad spectrum of doctrine, challenges and truths that were professed during this brief presentation.

The God-Man

If you’ve been around Christianity long enough, you’ve probably heard someone say that Jesus was “fully man and fully God.” Perhaps you’ve heard some other variation. Perhaps you’ve wondered how that is possible. Hopefully, at the very least, you took it on faith. Better than that, hopefully you’ve wrestled with it a bit in order to get an understanding that you feel comfortable with intellectually.

Inconsistent Skepticism

It seems that the more I read or listen to many of the common arguments from non-believers, there is a very narrow range of types of objections to Christianity or any sort of theism. One such argument has to do with the level of skepticism they have regarding any claims of a divine being. What I have found, however, is that this argument tends to be every bit as inconsistent as many others.

Knowledge Puffs Up

The world is full of irony. Of the many things people use against Christians, much of the ammunition non-believers use against us has been provided to them…by us. Not always on purpose, of course. Often it can be a simple mis-application of scripture.

The Third Day

If I were smart, I’d wait until we were coming up on Easter before I posted something about the resurrection. But, here I am writing about it now…just before Thanksgiving. I guess I could make an argument that it still makes sense since, as a Christian, the empty tomb is something I’m thankful for.

Believe – Then You Will Understand

If you’ve never heard that before, or something that basically means the same thing, I would guess that you either haven’t been a Christian for very long or are not one now. That is probably one of the most common things I hear with regards to understanding the Christian faith.