Misapplication of Truth

It’s not a new thing to point out the flaws of Christians and use that as an argument against the veracity of the Christian faith. Many things have been written on this subject and today I’ve been thinking about something along these lines that I have not yet read anywhere else.

Straw Men

There are so many interesting (and often humorous) ways non-believers attack Christianity. From moral arguments against Christianity (yeah, right!) to the Problem of Evil to the so-called Euthyphro Dilemma and so on.

Pseudo Science

I am always fascinated at how spirited discussions can get when people try to discuss science and theology at the same time. Mainly, the way this happens is that one person is talking about science and the other is talking about theology. When this happens, it’s quite difficult to come to a conclusion together, never mind how frustrating it can be.

Church vs. Christianity – Part II

Last week, I started discussing some of the issues of the Church with respect to how they approach and/or address sin. This is not all Christians in all situations, but it is prevalent enough that it creates a perception of the Church as a whole. It is connected to the whole idea of Christianity and drives people away from Christ.

Extra-Biblical Texts

For years, centuries actually, debate has gone on about the reliability of the biblical texts. Questions have been raised about whether the events in the gospels actually happened and how much, if any, of the related events are historically accurate.

Life and Death

Last week, I wrote about how the meaning of some of our words can change over time and completely depart from their originally intended definition. Sometimes it is because the words get misused. But sometimes, I think there is just too little understanding of the word itself.