Take This Body, Take This Blood

Having been raised in the Catholic church prior to disavowing all things church-related, I had always been taught certain things about communion, or the “Lord’s Supper.” In Roman Catholicism, as well as in Lutheran tradition, communion is thought of quite differently than much of the reformed Church.

Spiritual Leaders

For years now, leadership expert and trainer John Maxwell has taught that “everything rises and falls on leadership.” Many other books and training courses on management and leadership include the same concept. The leader is responsible for the success or failure of the team.

Koko Begat Bubbles Begat Adam

In writing this, an assumption is being made that the concept of evolution does not need a great deal of explanation. The basic premise that must be understood for the purpose of this post is the idea that human beings descended from apes (or ape-like creatures).

Might Makes Right… Or Is It Righteousness?

I’m always amazed at the timing of certain things. Based on some comments from one of my recent posts, I thought it curious that I was going to be writing about this today anyway. But now, it’s probably going to really stick in someone’s craw.

Creation or Evolution?

One of the things that Ken Ham, founder of the Creation Museum, often points out is the different starting points used by creationists vs. evolutionists when studying “observational science.” Of course, the most obvious first question is, “”What the heck does that mean!?”

Sifting the Evidence Part 2

Last week, I wrote about how we cannot simply ignore the written eye-witness testimonies regarding Jesus of Nazareth, the miracles He performed, His resurrection from the dead, etc. As in today’s court system, such eye-witness accounts are, and should be, taken very seriously and are often cited as some of the most powerful evidence of any given case.