Sifting the Evidence

Typically, one of the most common things that I’ve heard skeptics say to argue against the existence of God is, “show me the evidence that God exists.” Whether through discussions with them, reading their blogs, listening to their podcasts or reading their books, one thing seems to be quite common. That is, they only want the evidence that hasn’t already been found.

Reporting or Condoning?

There is a common occurrence that I have seen among both skeptics and Christians alike. This has to do with some of the things that the Bible says about certain things. Many people seem to read more into some Bible passages than they perhaps should.

Context is King

If someone were to ask the question, “What’s the best way to refute the teachings of the Christian Bible,” I suppose the answer would be…”Simple. Just take everything out of context.” It really is just that easy. The sad truth of the matter is that both skeptics and Christians have been notorious for doing this very thing for centuries.

It’s All Greek (or Latin) to Me

Have you ever wondered about all those fancy Greek and Latin terms that some Christians throw around? Perhaps not. If you’re not one of those people who wonder what the heck people mean when they say things like hypo-static union or orthopraxy then you’ll probably not find much interest in this.

Theism vs. Atheism

Recently, I had been doing some friendly debating amongst some friends and family on Facebook. The topic of the debate was the idea of objective morality. Throughout the entire debate, I have been pleasantly surprised that proponents of both sides have kept things quite amiable.

Archaeologist to Search for Noah’s Ark in Turkey

This summer, Randall Price who is director of Liberty University’s new Center for Judaic Studies is planning an expedition to Mount Ararat where he hopes to unearth the remains of Noah’s Ark.

“There’s a whole trail of history pointing to it [Mt. Ararat],” Price said in a recent interview. “But in our age, people tend to think it is more of a story like Jack and the Bean Stalk.’ Our aim is to show that the Bible is good history.”