Asset Tracking For Churches

Churches, just like businesses, need certain items to operate. These may include buildings, office equipment, electronic devices, furniture and let’s not forget about musical equipment. Depending on the size of the church, these items can accumulate very quickly and become problematic to keep track of. That is where asset tracking comes into play. In the following infographic, the team at Asset Panda takes a look at asset tracking for churches.

How Churches Are Using Evolving Technologies To Minister

A new study by The Barna Group looks at how Protestant churches across the nation are using various forms of emerging technology to influence people’s lives and enliven their church experience. However, the study reveals that the pace of technology adoption seems to have slowed in the past two years as some churches focus upon making the most of what they already have, and other churches attempt to get by without incorporating such tools into their ministry mix.

How Does the Church Handle Crisis Communication?

f you have been in a church for any length of time, you have no doubt seen or experienced first hand a crisis. Things like the pastor retiring, interpersonal conflict among members, moral failure of church leaders and even changing the color of the carpet can lead to a crisis. While such crisis situations will come, the real test is how will the church handle them. Is there a plan in place or do most churches just try to cope with them as they occur?