How To Talk About God With Your Kids

Most Christian moms and dads have thoughts about Jesus throughout the day. Therefore, talking to your children about God can be a simple as opening up about what’s already on your mind. Below are 10 simple topics to help get conversations started. Use starters that feel natural to you, or think of other.

The Problem of Naturalism

Lately, I’ve thought a bit about the idea of what is known as “naturalism.” There have been a lot of different thoughts about why this philosophy does not have the explanatory scope or power necessary to explain much of the universe. However, I’ve been thinking about a different aspect of naturalism lately. Mostly, I’ve been thinking about how closed-minded and limited this worldview is.

Take My Word for It

I recently heard one atheist mention (several times, actually) that a person’s personal testimony of an experience with God would not be sufficient evidence to make a claim of His existence. Now, to a degree, I would have to agree with him. However, there are some inconsistencies with this idea.

Who Designed the Designer?

Originally, I had wanted to write something about a quote that I had read from Richard Dawkins where he said something to the effect that, by all outward appearances, if we didn’t know any better, it looks like life is the product of design. I couldn’t find that quote, however, but instead found a large number of hits for a different quote from Dawkins.

Oral Tradition and the Telephone Game

Today, I heard what was most likely the most laughable argument against the historicity of the gospels that I have ever heard. It was a comparison of the oral tradition which passed down the accounts of Jesus of Nazareth until they were written down against the game of Telephone.

Adding New DNA Information Via Random Mutation

If you’ve been following along, over the past few weeks I’ve been breaking down some of the problems that I have with things like evolution and natural selection. Today, I want to address a concept that has been gaining popularity in order to explain how new genetic information could be generated.