Natural Selection as a Mechanism for Evolution

When people think of Charles Darwin, they think of “the theory of evolution.” As I pointed out already, however, Darwin did not develop the theory of evolution. What his theory was about was the concept of natural selection as a mechanism for evolution.

Evolution Lacks Explanatory Scope/Power

One of the more hotly debated issues of evolution these days is the alleged lack of what are called “transitional forms.” This refers to the idea that, in the fossil record, one would expect to find fossils of creatures who exhibit various stages of form from one species to another. Evolutionists, of course, claim that these transitional forms exist and creationists claim that they do not.

Let’s Talk About Jesus…Nicely!

I cannot say that my memory is not what it used to be. It’s been bad for as long as I can remember. So, just from last week to this week, I had already forgotten that I was going to write about this topic and I had already written a whole post about something completely different. Fortunately, I caught myself and will post the other article next week.

The Truth Hurts… But It’s Still the Truth

Interesting thing about truth…it’s true whether you want it to be or not. Sometimes we like it. Sometimes it doesn’t matter either way. Other times, however, we don’t particularly like it at all. It’s those times that we have to be very careful.

Apologetics Today

To be completely fair, this is probably more for me than for anyone else. At times, it seems as though I have a tendency to assume that the same mistakes that I’m making are the ones that many Christians out there are making. With that, my hope is that someone who actually is making the same mistakes as me might read this and that it would somehow bless them.

Common Misunderstanding of the Trinity

Not long ago, as I was listening to one of the many podcasts that I subscribe to, I heard Dr. William Lane Craig talking about a recent debate he had had with a Muslim apologist. One of the things he talked about was very interesting to me. He talked briefly about a common misunderstanding among Muslims of the Christian doctrine regarding the Trinity.