Online Giving: Is It Right For Your Church?

Churches have been steadily evolving in adopting options that allow members to pay tithes, offerings and other monetary donations online. No longer do churchgoers have to worry about bringing their checkbook or cash. Now, they can simply use their credit or debit card to give directly to their regular place of worship.

Trusting God in the “New” Economy

With our economy in what is being called the worst recession in over 35 years, and perhaps since the Great Depression, it is expected that people are going to start asking questions. One thing on the minds of many people is how their faith relates to this economic downturn.

Economic Recovery

Obviously, one of the biggest things in the news and in Washington, D.C. these days is what the government is going to do about the economy. There has been a great deal of bantering back and fourth between both Democrats and Republicans regarding this issue. Both parties have their own separate, and seemingly divisive, ideas on how to bring about positive change.

What Would You Do If You Won $3 Million in a Lottery?

It’s a question we have all pondered one time or another – what would we do if we won a lottery of a million plus dollars? For a New York man, the answer was easy. He turned his winnings – all 3 million dollars, over to his church.

Our “Strong” 90’s Economy

While reading through some blogs regarding the current election year and the campaigns that will soon get underway after the DNC and RNC, I read something about how strong our economy was in the 90’s. The statement was made, apparently, in an attempt to give credit to the Clinton administration for being in the Whitehouse during such strong economic times as if they had anything to do with it.