Picking and Choosing

If you were to ask most apologists, Christian philosophers or theologians what the most difficult objection was to Christianity, they would mostly give you the same answer. The Problem of Evil. Some might refer to this as the “Problem of Evil and Suffering” or some such thing, but it usually involves the same idea.

God Is…

God is love. We hear that a lot. And I think that’s absolutely true. God is love. However, I sometimes wonder if we are understanding the entire scope when we say things like that. To say that God is love carries with it a rather distinct meaning from it’s inverse, Love is God. Those two things are not the same.

“Middle” Knowledge

This week, I thought I’d try getting into some things that are not very well-known. Namely, the concept of “middle” knowledge. You’re probably wondering what the heck that is and it’s my purpose here to do my best to explain the concept.

If I Were God…

It seems like there is just no such thing as having too many articles about the “Problem of Evil” in the blogosphere, these days. In the interest of living that out, here’s another one.

Omniscience vs. Free Will

In a recent atheist podcast that I subscribe to, the hosts were discussing the idea of the omniscience of God and how this somehow contradicts the idea of free will. Their argument was basically that, if God already knows what you’re going to do and the things...

Jesus – The Supreme Example of Love

Jesus gave us the supreme example of enduring love. Hell was what He suffered when He hung on the cross and took our sins on Himself. Not only did He experience separation from His Father, He also endured God’s full punishment for our sin.