The Anatomy of an Affair & Why They Don’t Last

If trust is the bedrock of every marriage relationship, it’s no wonder that affairs don’t last. The very origin of an affair is steeped in deceit, so trust was never part of the equation in the first place. Here is an infographic that explores the anatomy of an affair

New Study Reveals That Living Together First Can Spoil Marriage – No Really?

I know, the title of this post hints at sarcasm but this is something us Christians have been saying for some time. I’m glad to see that their is now some secular proof to back up the fact that co-habitation prior to marriage does not make for a healthy marriage. In fact, it sets it up for dismal failure.

Characteristics of the ‘Less Than Ideal’ Husband

An article by Maureen Dowd published at The New York Times provides some characteristics or you could call them “flaws” to look out for if you ladies want the ideal husband. Heed this advice and you may dodge mates who would maul your happiness. Ignore it and you may find yourself in a relationship nightmare.