Two-Party Pains

In the past, I have never devoted much of my time to politics. In fact, in my younger years, there was pretty much no time in my life for such things. As far as I was concerned, politicians were just a bunch of power-hungry, lying thieves who’s decisions only mildly impacted my life.

Evangelical Group Banned From Tulsa Housing Projects

Another report involving government attempts to restrict Christian organizations – this time out of Tulsa, Oklahoma where an evangelical group has been banned from a housing project they have been ministering to for the last 20 years.

Students Five Years Old and Up to Be Indoctrinated with Gay Curriculum

Christian Web News is reporting that the Alameda Unified School District has adopted a new curriculum that includes instruction on homosexuality, this despite the objections of hundreds of parents who testified at the board hearings.

The newly adopted curriculum specifically elevates respect for LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender) students and their families over respect for diverse racial and religious backgrounds.

Freedom of Religion Under Fire in San Diego

According to a recent report on FOX News, a home Bible study is under fire in California. Pastor David Jones and his wife Mary got some friends together at their house in San Diego for a Bible study. However, when the county of San Diego found out, the couple was told they needed to either stop the Bible study or purchase a permit because they had too many people in their home.

Easier vs. Better

According to an article posted on 3/9, it looks like our new president has fully backed the embryonic stem cell research program that has been the source of a good deal of controversy for some years now. While I have my own reservations about this type of research from a Christian perspective, there is something else that concerns me, as well.

America The Beautiful?

If you don’t know who Judge Roy Moore is, here is a bit of a history lesson. Roy Moore is an American jurist and Republican politician most recognized for his refusal, as the elected Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama, to remove a monument of the Ten Commandments from the state courthouse despite contrary orders from a federal judge. On November 13, 2003, Alabama’s Court of the Judiciary unanimously removed Moore from his post as Chief Justice.

So I found it quite interesting when a poem written by Roy Moore was sent to me and thought I’d post it here.