New Jersey Church Group Loses Court Case Over Gay ‘Discrimination’

A New Jersey church group that owns beachfront property has lost a court case in which they allegedly discriminated against a lesbian couple by not allowing them to rent the locale for their civil union ceremony.

The New Jersey Division on Civil Rights said its investigation found that the refusal of the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association to rent the oceanfront spot to the couple for their same-sex union in March 2007 violated the public accommodation provisions of the state’s Law Against Discrimination.

‘Prop 8: The Musical’ With Jack Black & John C. Reilly

Composer Marc Shaiman and director Adam Shankman, the minds behind “Hairspray,” have recently opened their “Prop 8: The Musical” with an all-star studded cast that includes Jack Black, Neil Patrick Harris and John C. Reilly at Sacramento Community College.

Atheists Sue To Remove God From Kentucky Homeland Security

American Atheists Inc. has filed a lawsuit seeking to remove part of a state anti-terrorism law that requires Kentucky’s Office of Homeland Security to acknowledge it can’t keep the state safe without God’s help. At issue is 2002 law that stresses God’s role in Kentucky’s homeland security alongside the military, police agencies and health departments.

eHarmony Bows to the Gay Movement

If you thought that eHarmony was a faith-based dating service, think again. True many Christians have utilized the matchmaking service over the years and Christian organizations such as Focus on the Family have even endorsed the service when it was in its infancy. However, eHarmony’s latest move should settle the fact once and for all that it is not a Christian-based service by any stretch of the imagination.

Gay Rights Activists Don’t Like California’s Proposition 8

California’s Proposition 8, which bans gay marriages, was recently approved by voters in the November 4th election. The proposition is designed to not only define marriage as a union between “one man and one woman” but also seeks to overturn a May 15th California Supreme Court ruling that declared same-sex couples had the right to marry under the California Constitution on the grounds of privacy and equal protection.

California Voters Say No To Gay Marriage

California voters have adopted a constitutional amendment outlawing same-sex marriage which will overturn the recent California Supreme Court decision that gave gay couples the right to marry just months ago.