Connecticut Becomes Third State To Legalize Gay Marriage

Connecticut’s Supreme Court ruled Friday that homosexual couples have the right to marry, making the state the third behind Massachusetts and California to legalize gay unions through the courts. The ruling comes just weeks before Californians go to the polls on a historic gay-“marriage” ballot question.

The Terminator Continues To Squash Religious Freedom & Moral Values

California Governor Arnold “I’ll be back” Schwarzenegger signed three bills last week that many conservatives say will further squash moral values and religious freedom in that state. “Under these new laws, foster parents, nurses, doctors, health insurance plans, city and county commissions, and court-appointed children’s advocates must abandon their moral, social or financial values at the altar of the homosexual-bisexual-transsexual agenda,” stated Randy Thomasson, president of Campaign for Children and Families, on Friday.

California Court Orders Doctors To Treat Gays Despite Religious Convictions

You could say that California is “going to the gays.” First the California Supreme Court ruled in favor of allowing homosexuals to marry each other, making California the second state to approve such an action. Now the same court has now ruled that doctors may not refuse treatment of homosexual patients based on their religious beliefs.

New FCC Rules May Threaten the Future of Christian Radio

This is the final day for public comments on a proposed Federal Communications Commission rule change some say would threaten the licenses of Christian radio stations from coast to coast. Apparently the rule change would require every radio station to take programming advice from community advisory boards representative of the area’s population. What does this entail for Christian based stations?

Ben Stein’s ‘Expelled’ Explodes Into Top 10 Box Office

The Christian Post reports that “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed,” the pro-intelligent design documentary featuring actor Ben Stein, made history this weekend as it propelled full speed into the top 10 box office. It opened as the widest and one of the most commercially successful releases for any documentary film. In an impressive opening weekend, the film debuted at No. 9 at the box office, earning a respectable $3.2 million while only appearing on 1,052 screens.

Football Coach’s Prayer With Students Ruled Unconstitutional

The Christian Post reports that a football coach of over 20 years and one time recipient of the USA Today’s “Caring Coach of the Year” award, has come under attack recently for his practice of holding prayer sessions with his students before games.