Substitutionary Atonement

Recently I was listening to some atheists discussing their concerns regarding the idea of the substitutionary atonement of Christ. Basically, that’s just a big, fancy term for the fact that Jesus died for our sins. Nothing more complicated than that.

Why The ‘I Was Born Gay’ Argument Is So Wrong

One of the core doctrines of pro-gay orthodoxy is that homosexuals are born gay. In other words, God made them that way so “gay must be okay.” Even though science has failed to affirm or deny this, the vast majority of gays and their supporters are convinced of it.

As a Christian, Would You Attend a Gay Wedding?

A post with a very interesting question caught my attention today. John Shore asked the question, “What would Jesus do if invited to a gay wedding?” While he didn’t directly answer as to whether Jesus would attend, he did ponder as to whether he himself would attend or not.

Can Homosexuals Be Christians?

This is a loaded question. The same could be asked of drug addicts, thieves, liars, murderers, even child molesters. So can someone who is homosexual be a Christina as well? I would say, “Yes,” however, allow me to clarify that answer. A person who is a homosexual can become a Christian, however once a Christian, the person can no longer stay a homosexual.