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In this section contains a list of articles and papers on various topics related to the Christian faith. We invite you check back often as new articles and papers are added.

The Works of  Charles Spurgeon
A section devoted entirely to the works of C.H Spurgeon.

The Works of  D.L. Moody
A section devoted entirely to the works of D.L. Moody.

The Works of Jonathan Edwards
A section devoted entirely to the works of Jonathan Edwards.

Individual Articles

How To Bear Sorrow From “The Secret Of Guidance”
You are passing through a time of deep sorrow. At such times life seems almost unsupportable. Will every day be as long as this? Will the slow-moving hours ever again quicken their pace? Hath God forgotten to be gracious? Learn more about bearing sorrow in the excerpt from F.B Meyer’s book, ““The Secret Of Guidance.”

The Gift of an Empty Cup
An American missionary’s account of their trip to Ecuador and the lessons they learned about servant hood.

The Man of God and Sexual Sin
One of the most difficult issues that is faced in ministry is how to deal with those in leadership who succumb to moral failure. Leaders of all levels have fallen into the trap of sexual sin set by the enemy. This article explores how to resist this sin as well as how to be restored if one falls into it.

Why The Bible?
A wonderful paper on the validity and beauty of God’s Word – The Holy Bible.


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