Preaching Quotes

Here we have compiled a collection of Biblical and Christian quotes on the topic of preaching.

To be effective the preacher’s message must be alive; it must alarm, arouse, challenge; it must be God’s present voice to a particular people.

A.W. Tozer

While the difference between a bad sermon and a good sermon is mainly the responsibility of the preacher, the difference between good preaching and great preaching lies mainly in the work of the Holy Spirit.

Timothy Keller

Sheep that are well feed seldom wander off.

Wes Baker

The Bible says, ‘Feed the sheep!’, not beat the sheep.

The preacher’s work is to throw sinners down into utter helplessness that they may be compelled to look up to Him Who alone can help them.

Charles Spurgeon

I have heard of a ship that was fired at by the cannon in a fort, but no impression was made upon it until the general in command gave the order for the balls to be made red hot. After that the vessel was sent to the bottom of the sea in three minutes. That is what you must do with your sermons, make them red hot.

The kind of sermon which is likely to break the hearer’s heart is that which first has broken the preacher’s heart, and the sermon which is likely to reach the heart of the hearer is the one which has come straight from the heart of the preacher.

Charles Spurgeon

Ferdinand Foch said, ‘The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire!’ All the crafting in the world can’t save a message that has no passion in it. If you can’t get excited about a subject, don’t preach on it.

John Maxwell

The easiest way to stay awake during a sermon is to deliver it.

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