Warfare Quotes

Here we have compiled a collection of Biblical and Christian quotes on the topic of warfare.

Yes, we want to forget that most of God’s people in the early days of the church did not have the peace of mind. They did not seek it. They knew that a soldier does not go to the battlefield to relax – he goes there to fight!

A.W. Tozer

A revolution is the overthrow of an existing order.

Wayman Mitchell

The best defense is a good offense.

The devil may have better tricks, but we have better weapons.

When King Artur’s army would return from the battle without any wounds or scars, he would command them to go back out and get some.

We ought to regard the church not as a luxurious hostelry where Christian gentlemen may each one dwell at ease in his own inn, but as a barracks in which soldiers are gathered together to be drilled and trained for war. We should regard the church not as an association for mutual admiration and comfort, but as an army with banners, marching to the fray, to achieve victories for Christ, to storm the strongholds of the foe, and to add province after province to the redeemer’s kingdom.

Charles Spurgeon

Nathan Hull, with a noose around his neck; his executioners standing by, utters these famous words, ‘I regret that I have but one life to give for my country.’

Charles Spurgeon

John Paul Jones, the father of the American navy said these words as his ship began to sink: ‘I have not yet begun to fight.’

Charles Spurgeon

The Word of God is full of promises and blessings. It has written in it’s pages the plan of salvation, about God’s grace, His mercy, & His everlasting lovingkindness. It is also a book of commandments and instruction. It is a book of history and a book of poetry. It tells us the future of what is to come that we may prepare and of what has already been done so we may learn from past mistakes. With all that said, we cannot overlook the indisputable fact that the Word of God is also a book of war. It is a book full of blood!

David Wallace

When you defeat a thousand opponents, you still have a thousand opponents. When you change a thousand minds, you have a thousand allies.

Daniel Quinn

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