Postscript: The web site in article is no longer available. The article remains.

We hear very little these days about a future “Rapture” in which Christians will be caught up in the air, swept away from death and united with the Lord Jesus Christ in an event that I believe precedes the Great Tribulation spoken of in the Book of Revelation. That does not mean it still won’t happen. In fact the Bible warns us that the Lord will return in a day when we do not expect Him.

Now thanks to a new web site called, Christians who believe they might one day be physically swept up to heaven in the Rapture will be able to send e-mails to loved ones left behind on Earth nearly one week after the apocalyptic event takes place. The site allows subscribers to send an e-mail message to up to 62 people exactly six days after they’ve disappeared from the face of the Earth., run by Mark Heard along with four other Christians, is set up to dispatch the e-mails when at least three staff members fail to log in for six consecutive days. Its main purpose is to give Christians one final shot at evangelism

In addition to the e-mail function, users of the site can also store personal and financial documents on the site. Up to 150 megabytes of information would be sent to up to 12 people after the presumed rapture. “In the encrypted portion of your account you can give them access to your banking, brokerage, hidden valuables, and powers of attorneys,” explains the site.

The services offered by the site cost $40 a year. Apparently they already have paying subscribers. Some Christians have given the idea a thumbs up while others have called the site “ridiculous” and “disgusting.”

Personally, I wouldn’t use the service. It is not that I don’t believe in The Rapture. I most certainly do and wait anxiously for it. It is just that after I’m am raptured and with the Lord Jesus Himself, I don’t really think I’m going to care much what happens down here. The seeds I have already planted will remain and as for financial stuff, that is going to be the very least of my concerns at that time.

On the other hand it may be useful to those who have wanted to share the gospel with certain people but have yet to do so for one reason or another. It is certainly an interesting idea and definitely shows that Christians are doing a better job utilizing some of the great technologies we have available to us these days.


David Wallace

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